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Podcasting in Education / Underused & Underrated

With any medium, higher education will anxiously look at this new space and ask, should we have a podcast?

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Give Teachers Some Slack

Slack functions like Twitter, using @mentions and #hashtags to organize conversations around themes, which take place in specific channels — either public or private.

These dedicated channels allow conversations to occur without the noise of a Twitter feed.

Slack may at first seem an unlikely educator tool. 

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The Promise of VR in Learning 

Employees are pretty overwhelmed at work, and typically only have 20 minutes a week to set aside for learning. This calls for flexible and efficient learning platforms, instead of two-hour courses with slow-paced videos.

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Education, 2026… [brain dump]

The traditional higher education model has remained more or less static for more than a century. Yet our institutions often remain “provider focused” rather than “user focused,” even as they struggle to evolve.

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A Digital Workforce

Recent research has suggested that 50% of UK workers feel underqualified in the digital world, and would like their employer to invest in further training.  Read more.

Typography in Education

Typography can silently influence: It can signify great ideas, normalise dictatorships, and sever broken nations — and it can do this as powerfully as the words it depicts.

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Learning Management Systems (revisited)

There is nothing wrong with an LMS. It’s great for storing and deploying stuff. What is hopelessly wrong with the concept of an LMS is that it’s marketed as somewhere people should go to learn stuff, that we can then track — what about quality?

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Game-based learning in Education 

Eight seconds: That’s the time you have to grab someones attention.

Five minutes: That’s how long you can hold it.
Both are down by 50 percent in 10 years.

Twenty-one: That’s the number of times per hour people shift attention between smartphone, tablet, and laptop. 

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Digital Badges Are Gaining Traction

At the moment, they seem to be filling in cracks that more formal credentials don’t cover. While there are some efforts to convert formal certificates and (more rarely) degree programs into stackable micro-credentials, those activities are mostly happening around the edges at the moment.

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30 Composition Styles for Photos and Video

Ever since I decided to start learning photography, I’ve been looking for a good catalog of composition ideas. Once you figure out the mechanics of how a DSLR works, getting good at the composition of your photos seems to be the 80/20 of rapidly improving at photography.

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The Next Gen LMS (Lets not call it that)

The LMS used to be a fairly basic application. In the old days, Learning Management Systems were merely online portals that learners would visit and complete eLearning units, or access files. Were they functional? Yes, they were. Were they effective tools for learning and teaching?
Not at all!.

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Productivity Planner

The simplest, most effective method for getting meaningful work done everyday.

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