Social Media Use & Health Behaviours

This mixed methods study explored how social media use informs physical activity, diet-related behaviours and perceptions of quality of life, and assessed the contextual factors that drive social media use for health-related behaviour change in diverse groups

Evidence was generated from 786 international participants (age range 16-88) and consultations with 50 stakeholders (researchers, professionals/practitioners in sport, exercise, public health and education). Data were generated during the first COVID-19 lockdown period of 2020.

Social media use had a positive influence on behaviours related to physical activity, diet and quality of life, through access to information about exercise workouts and dietary intake, and the opportunities for interaction with peers, family members and social groups.

Contextual factors including work, home and lifestyle arrangements, pre-existing health-related knowledge and behaviours, and the perceived value of social media for health influenced relationships between social media use and self-reported outcomes.

This work was supported by the Economic and Social Research Council


Young People, Social Media and Health


Young People, Social Media and Health



Social Media Use Informing Behaviours Related to Physical Activity, Diet and Quality of Life: 

A Mixed Methods Study

Social Media Use & Health Behaviours

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